Opportunities for anyone with the desire to be funny to develop and practice their technique, get on stage, and make us laugh.

STREEPSHOW by Jay Stull, directed by Andrew Neisler (June 2017)

The Tank offers the opportunity for comedians to develop and practice their technique in a space that welcomes stand-up, sketch, improvisation, and more. Providing space for the emerging artist to expand an audience base, The Tank also provides a platform for the underrepresented voices in comedy, encouraging anyone with the desire to be funny to get on stage and make us laugh.

Past comedians who have performed at The Tank include Lee Camp, Baratunde Thurston, Colin Quinn, Leighann Lord, Erica Watson, Baron Vaughn, Michelle Buteau, Negin Farsad, Chris Booth, and City Hall.

Do a show here! As with all of our programming, we operate with an ongoing open submissions process. Click here for application instructions!




Founded in 2016 by Leah Evans at The Tank, a non-profit home for the arts, the Armory is an indie-inspired comedy community. We produce improv, sketch, readings, and everything in between—bringing together people who want to be brave, crazy and hilarious in their own way.

Since there is no right way to Armory, our house improv teams combine performers from all levels and schools of improv. We work to grow with our teammates, learning from each other. Our house programs requires no level or money-spent to apply—commitment, skill and support are the only requirements.

The Armory's creative direction is led by The Panel: Leah Evans, Langston Belton, Mike Sause, Brian Hansbury, Adrian Sexton, Steve Capps, Stephen Thornton, and Amanda Stafford. Oh, The Panel performs improv too.


The Armory: Improv
The Armory is for everyone - a supportive environment for the daring to shine. Our teams combine performers from all walks of improv - those who have never taken classes and those who have completed all the levels. We pair up folks from any school, or nowhere, based on what they bring to the table.

The Armory: Improv Jam
Get up on stage with folks who can be seen at multiple theaters around the city, tv, film, or in the audience. We welcome everyone! Come and play! Have fun. Sit in multiple times. Make new friends. Or you know... Do what you want. You live your own life.

The Armory: Sketch
The Armory puts the HEAT back in sketch comedy theatre! A blend of zany characters, the trials and tribulations of relationships, satire, and all around funny stuff, this group has it all. We create a brand-new show every month based on a different theme, and we explore those themes through a variety of writing styles and theatrical stagings!

The Campaign
The Campaign is a love letter to all things fantasy, adventure and nerd-dom. Armed with only a 20 sided die, the “players” use a blend of theater and improvisation to fight dragons, traverse dungeons and save the realm from all forms of evil. Inspiration is drawn from traditional tabletop roleplaying games, video games and movies that helped make the fantasy genre what it is today. The show takes the audience through one whole adventure each performance, from the heroes choosing their quest to the final showdown with whatever lurks in the darkness.

Outwit Outplay Outlaugh
Welcome to a Survivor-style comedy competition! In what will be the first show of a season worth of "episodes," contestants will be split in to tribes and compete for immunity. Over the course of the competition, Survivors will be tested in acting, writing, improvisation, character work, story telling, and stand-up. The audience decides who goes to tribal council, but the tribe will actually vote and decide who is out of the competition. Produced by Jared Laxer.

Shot4Shot is simple. We take your favorite movie script and blind cast the whole thing then do a drinking game/reading. It's a drinking game! So please either BYOB (especially if you'd like to take shots) or visit The Tank's bar.

Straight to Video
Straight to Video is a never-before-seen film improvised on stage before a live audience. Based on a one-word suggestion, seasoned improv veterans Katie Hartman, Sarah Peele, Joanna Shaw Flamm, Claire Yale Raynes, Evan Kaufman, Devin Heater, and Ben Jaeger-Thomas weave together a hilarious, fully realized film narrative complete with ridiculous characters and a ton of heart.



Email Pro is a live show based on Ivan Anderson's long-running email performance art. The show includes standup comedy, an interactive seminar on writing emails to strangers (in real time), bursts of live music, and Q&A. Actual emails are written in front of an audience, with or without audience participation. The whole thing is like a glitched-out combination of talk show, email masterclass, and comedy meltdown.

Kutti Gang.jpg


At this dope new show, powerful assembly of South Asian women gather to tell jokes, tear into the racism (and rampant mediocrity) of show business and bring joy to the community.

Model Majority group final draft.jpg


Model Majority Comedy is NYC's 1st Asian American sketch team! Enjoy an evening of comedy written, directed and starring Asian Americans. You don't have to be Asian to appreciate but Asian characters will not be played by Emma Stone. MODEL MAJORITY doesn't promise to be role models. Guaranteed laughs or you're dead inside.



Come see the illest sketch comedy show written, directed, and starring people of color from The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, How People Die, Comedy Central, Refinery29, UCB, Wild ‘n Out, Above Average, Black Men Can't Jump & more. Issa cookout so you know there's going to be a live DJ and yo favorite auntie who is the only one allowed to make the Potato Salad.