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The Hay Loft: A new comedy inspired by Chekhov, written by Hannah Stone


The Hay Loft is a new comedy inspired by the farces of Chekhov. Set in the 1950's, it takes place on a large, plantation like, horse farm in rural Kentucky. Hellen Poorman Conway has locked herself away in her parlor after the death of her husband Nicolas. For a year she has refused to go out side or receive visitors staying always by her husbands shrine/memorial. Her sister Lucy, who has been carrying for Hellen during this time, is concerned that the isolation is ruining the family name as well as Lucy's chance of ļ¬nding a husband. Mean while the two sisters receiving two unexpected male guest, one coming to propose, the other collecting a massive debt that, if uncollected, will result in the loss of his farm. There is mass confusion, chaos and laughter as a battle of the sexes occurs over disputes on land, debt, and gender roles. The Hay Loft hopes to be a slapstick, knee slapping, non stop comedy, poking fun at gender roles, relationships, and Chekhov himself.