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710196 (The Victim of Projections) World Premiere




We live in a contemporary world overwhelmed with various media and there are virtually hundreds of ways to transmit information in split second. With expanding social media we became more directly or indirectly involved in lives of not only people we are close to but also in private and public lives of those we never met before and maybe we never will. Today, easier than ever before, we can label other people without knowing anything about them. These days even the daily news are often unproven and can change the same hour after being published.

In an empty space, an unidentified nude body will be exposed lying down on the designated surface, remaining motionless. The public may enter the space at any moment during the designated timeframe, take the form, walk freely around the body, observe, analyze and select personally the most appropriate labels (tags) out of given choices. When each person finishes filling out the form, they should place it back on a table and remain or leave the space. Once the performance is over, all forms will be collected for a statistic purpose which will be published online. The main idea behind the concept is to learn how the general public, who don’t know anything about the exposed body, will declare it according to their personal prejudices and inner instincts.

This experimental social study in the form of an art performance is a poignant reference on ever-growing questions and dilemmas about identities, genders, race, liberalism, and political correctness, in this day and age.

Later Event: November 12
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