The journey of Echo and Narcissus, in search of lost things

About the Show

Echo is the 2nd instalment of Ran Xia's audio series (Harmony, Echo, Siren)

Part of Echo is an audio documentary, a sound sculpture that is a collage of more than a few dozen voices, created after numerous interviews with people from all over the world, on the subject of loss.

The other part of Echo is a reimagined story of Echo and Narcissus. We invite you to the place where all the lost things go, as the Echo and Narcissus search for what they've lost.


Playwright & Audio Designer: Ran Xia

Director: Nicholas Orvis

Andrea Lopez as Echo
Max Henry as Narcissus

Voice Over:

Belinda Adam, Ashley Adelman, Janet Admasu, Jessie Atkinson, Emily Cordes, Beth Diesch, Christopher Fok, Jake Geary, Jeff Gladstone, Robert Gonyo, Colleen Hughes, Finn Kilgore, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li, Andrea Lopez, Savannah Lloyd, Ryan McCurdy, Sylvain Panet-Raymond, Laure Porche, Hope Rehak, Rosanne Rubino, Kori Rushton, Jim Sherwood, Megan Smith, Jordan G. Teicher, Simi Tamar Toledano, Monica Trausch, Priyanka Voruganti. Heloise Wilson

Apr 12 - Apr 21, 2018

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018