About the Show

Chasm: a major new performance commission by Rebecca Patek. Comprising choreography for a solo dancer and a musical composition for two harpsichords, Patek’s performance positions the female body as a subjective sexual object form caught between animalism and humanism, between romanticism and realism, between emotion and thought with a physical and visual vocabulary drawn from tantric sex, classic New England Contra Dance, Dada and Surrealism, and the movements of pioneering figures in dance, including Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan, and also abortion.

About the Artists

Concept and Choreography: Rebecca Patek Performers: Rebecca Patek

Directed by Meghan Finn

Assistant performers: Jessie Touchette and Melinda Fraser Music composition: LA Dierker Collaboration movement: Friedric Leclerq and Cristopher Leblanc Costume design: Fatima Sanai Costume assistant: Mitesh Patel Collaboration costume and body painting: Mara Sand and Joshua Lalancette Costume and body painting assistants: Gerald Hussein, John Dipatrizzio, Thierry De Soussenac Lighting design and technique: Vincent Dilavolo and Pazkå

Video: Rebecca Patek and David Pym in collaboration with PornHub and DOP Studio Directed by Rebecca Patek and Exotixx USA Music and sound design by LA Dierker Performers featured in the video: Rebecca Patek, Lauren Labonté, AleXXXa Body painting model: Lauren Labonté, AleXXXa Makeup and hair: Olanna Fiorrucci Video assistants: Patrik Freid, Anton Vancel Set runner: Josh R. Smith

Production management: Megan Sand

Production assistant: Solari Production: Association All Exclusive Association management: Gracie Hunt Artist promotion design: Jules Niacine

Photography: Vincent lafrance

The artist gratefully acknowledges support from The New Hampshire Council of the Arts in collaboration with Leddy Center for the Arts, Capital Center for the Arts and New Hampshire Public Television.

Chasm was co-produced with 3S Artspace and Hackmatack Playhouse, Concord, NH.

Generous funding for the exhibition is provided by The Foundation for Contemporary Art and by The Modern Women’s Fund.

Harpsichords provided by Yamaha Artist Services, New York.

Lady Fest 2017!

This show is being produced as part of The Tank's annual LadyFest 2017!

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Watch the Trailer

Chasm Trailer from Rebecca Patek on Vimeo.

Aug 19, 2017

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018