What Makes Us Feel Good

About The Show

In What Makes Us Feel Good, a troupe of actors presents the story of William Bradford Bishop as a piece of educational theatre. Along with his loyal pals, Mrs. Teapot and Johnny the Cow, William Bradford Bishop flees from the authorities and searches for meaning in existence. Through it all, William is plagued by flashbacks of his marriage, self loathing thoughts, meta theatrical confessions, and visits from a poetic and profound life sized squirrel.

About the Artists

Special Events is a collaboration between Gabriel Vasquez and Brett Evan Solomon. It’s a story, seldom heard, of two young queers who went to college together and now make Art. We truly believe the theatre is a place where an authentic and immediate connection can be made between people. Admitting that feels hokey and self-gratifying, so we split the difference and think of ways to be honest about how authentically inauthentic performance is. Utilizing prescribed tools like cliche, genre, sound, pop culture, and dance to disrupt a play’s complacency to narrative and form is our way of making theatre that is as complex, weird, and self referential as everyday reality.

Brett Evan Solomon is a playwright and theater maker originally from Baltimore, MD. His work as a playwright has been produced or developed through Nylon Fusion Theatre Company, The International Southampton Theater Conference, The Secret Theater, Dixon Place, Muchmore’s, Play Date at Pete’s, The Tank, The Drama League, and The Brick. Writing and Research Assistant to playwright/director Young Jean Lee. He has assisted Lincoln Center Festival, Target Margin Theatre, Ripe Time, New York City Players, and A Collection of Shiny Objects. Graduate of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Purchase College with a B.A. in Theatre and Performance/Playwriting and Screenwriting.

Gabriel Vasquez is a director and performer from New York. Directing work includes Ionesco’s The Chairs and Jean Claude Van Itallie’s Interview. With Special Events, he workshopped Such A Tragedy at Muchmore’s last March and will continue to develop it at the Drama League in 2017. As an assistant director/intern, he has worked with Rachel Dickstein/Ripe Time, The TEAM, The Wooster Group, and Sanaz Ghajar. BA, Theatre and Performance, SUNY Purchase College.

Apr 6 - Apr 9, 2017

$15 general, $10 under 25s

$15 general, $10 under 25s

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018