About The Show

"Are you still starving? When are you going to stop...?"

What begins as a nostalgic celebration of a lost art form—and its most famous practitioner—becomes a darkly funny trip into the very question of what it means to suffer, and what it means when suffering becomes a public spectacle. In this inventive adaptation of Kafka's tragicomic story ""A Hunger Artist,"" actor, puppeteer and Sinking Ship co-artistic director Jonathan Levin gives a playful and startling performance as the only person who remembers an artist whose act was simply… to hunger.

About the Artists

Based on the story by Franz Kafka
Directed by Joshua William Gelb
Performed by Jonathan Levin
Written by Josh Luxenberg

Sinking Ship’s original works include There Will Come Soft Rains (FringeNYC, extended at Barrow Street Theater, 2008), Flatland (work-in-progress, EST/Sloan Foundation Commission, 2010), Powerhouse (work-in-progress at FringeNYC, 2010; premiere at New Ohio Theatre, 2014, O’Neill Playwrights Conference Finalist, 2012; New York Times Critics Pick), Ocean (work-in-progress, Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program, 2016), A Hunger Artist (work-in-progress showings at The Freight Residency Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY, Cloud City, Jalopy, 2015, and at New Ohio Theater Producers Club, 2016).

In addition to producing original work, Sinking Ship also runs the popular quarterly puppet and music series Puppet Playlist, which has played to sold-out crowds since 2009, becoming one of New York's premiere venues for original short-form puppetry.

Sinking Ship Productions creates work that is the theatrical version of circumnavigating the globe in a questionably seaworthy vessel: grand and ridiculous, unadvisedly ambitious, walking the fine line between courageous and foolhardy.

Sinking Ship, a Brooklyn-based theater company, is the creative collaboration between Jonathan Levin and Josh Luxenberg. We work with a core group of Associate Artists, combining physical theater, puppetry, music and movement in delightful, strange and unexpected ways. Our productions have grappled with concepts such as the creation and destruction of the universe as imagined by science fiction writers, how a man's search for connection could ultimately lead to complete isolation, and the limits of human understanding through the search for extra dimensions of space in theoretical physics. We like big ideas.


The Conelly Theatre
220 East Fourth Street
New York City

May 31, 2017

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151 West 46th Street / 8th Fl. / New York, NY 10036