Photo & Supply

About The Show

Meet Phyllis: She has run a photo development shop in her neighborhood for many years, but now the neighborhood is changing. Business is slow, and Phyllis must close up shop. In protest, boxes unpack themselves, floor tiles shake, and long-forgotten photographs burst to life.

Photo & Supply is a puppet show which uses dynamic sets and colorful cast of handmade masks and puppets to tell a story about community, collective memory, and honoring the value of a physical record.

Support for the Photo & Supply was made possible by the The Jim Henson Foundation.

About the Artists

Created by
Rachel Schapira, Ashur Rayis & Andy Manjuck

Rachel Schapira is a working artist living in Brooklyn. She makes theater, puppets, books, drawings, fiber art, prints, poetry. Her recent design and fabrication credits include Ripe Times’ Septimus and Clarissa, The Story Pirates, Opera Slavica’s Iolanta, Basil Twist’s Arias with a Twist and Sisters’ Follies, window displays for Macy’s christmas windows. She is into community, communication, and decision-making by committee.
Ashur Rayis is a musician and sound artist, who is a co-founding member of Eat Drink Tell Your Friends. His work appeared in Maiko Kikuchi’s No Need For a Night Light, Elliott Jenetopulos’s KATZENKUNST, AORTA Films’s The OH! Files, and in several pieces by Sophie Sotsky/TYKE Dance. He is a founding member of TRUX monster truck collective, and works as an audio engineer in NYC.

Andy Manjuck is a co-founding member of Eat Drink Tell Your Friends. He is a puppeteer, performer, director, and writer. He is a member of the award-winning company Wakka Wakka (Baby Universe, SAGA), and works closely with artist Robin Frohardt (The Pigeoning). He performed Petrushka (NY Philharmonic Orchestra/Giants are Small) at the Barbican in London, and El Retablo de Maesa Pedro with Doug Fitch and the American Symphony Orchestra as part of Bard College’s Summerscape program.

Eat Drink Tell Your Friends is a non-hierarchical company that explores intimate stories to start larger conversations.


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