About the Show

No props, no set, no costume changes. Just one man, his stage and his audience.

Lone performer Timothy Mann tells "a wild and imaginative story" set around the ever-changing meaning of the word 'space', “just using his remarkable talent for characterisation”. He plays a dozen characters, each one unique in body and voice - each one a living, breathing person. Mann is “constantly on the move, improvising and interacting with his audience” and as he switches characters seamlessly in the blink of an eye, the mind-bending narrative twists and turns towards its Earth-shattering finale and “secret improvised encore”.

Directed by author Neil Farrelly, SPACE travels the globe with Nose2Nose, an international arts company holding theatre projects all over Asia and Europe. Hosted in theatres, festivals, schools and universities from India to Myanmar, Thailand to Singapore, Dubai to Japan, SPACE is constantly adapting culturally, no two shows ever the same.

Physical, visual and exciting, SPACE is a masterclass in one-person acting.

About the Artists

Timothy Mann - Performer
An actor, designer and musician, Timothy began working with Nose2Nose in 2006, specialising in character creation and development. Away from the theatre circuit he is Creative Director at UK-based media outfit SFM Digital, producing documentaries and promotional video projects throughout the year.

Neil Farrelly - Director
As a director, author and teacher, Neil has been working in Asia for over 20 years. His written work focuses on culture and communication, and is used as a stimulus for large-scale arts projects he produces with Nose2Nose.

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Nov 23, 2014

$10.00 in advance, $12.00 at the door; $8.00 for students

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018