1989 [exit ghost]

About the Event

Gastspieltour: "1989 [exit ghost]" in New York from theatrale subversion on Vimeo.

1989 [exit ghost] is a piece development with and about the so called 3rd Generation East - people in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties who were born in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Those representating this generation, together with actors of the same generation born in West Germany, perform this play under the direction of Romy Weyrauch to seek answers on philosophical and political questions in conjunction with the downfall of a socialist state and our current times of increased worsening global financial crisis.

The plot is based on Heiner Müllers’ rehearsals of Hamlet/Maschine in 1989/90, and the rapidly changing political events outside the Deutsche Theater in Berlin. Snippets of the script, rehearsal notes of Heiner Müller and his assistant and dramaturg Stephan Suschke and documentary sources are incorporated in the production of 1989 [exit ghost]. Under the joint authorship of theatrale subversion including own writings from the performers of 1989 [exit ghost] a new essayistic theatre piece evolved.

At the end stands the broad discourse of a generation which continuously challenges the history of reception of the downfall of the GDR and the political options during the times of change in 1989 and today.

performers and writers: Bärbel Aschenberg, Katharina Bill, Norman Grotegut, Sascha Hermeth, Lorenz Pilz, Thimo Teiche
direction: Romy Weyrauch
dramaturgy: Martin Zepter
stage setting, costumes and theory: Henrike Terheyden
live music: Thimo Teiche
sounds: Stephanie Krah
production management: Daniela Guse

Nov 9, 2014

General: $15.00; Student: $12.00

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018