Necromancers of the Public Domain

About the Show

Each month, THEATER OF THE APES plucks a long forgotten volume from the shelves of the New York Society Library and resurrects it as a low budget variety show.
Physical Training for Women by Japanese Methods (1904)
by H. Irving Hancock


One of the phrases that should be stricken from the English language is "the weaker sex". After a long experience in Japanese athletics, the writer has no patience with women who consider that merely because of their sex they should be weaker than men. In Japan, the women are not weaker, and in this country they have no right to be..


Iossy Freud
Milo Kotis
Quintin Harris
Shelton Pritchard Lindsay
Lisa Lim
Pearl Rhein
Nate Shaw
Stephanie Summerville
Paul Young

Hosted by Queen of the Apes, Ayun Halliday (No Touch Monkey! / The East Village Inky)

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Nov 12, 2018

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