This is the Place

About the Show

This is the Place is an original dance work created using a long-distance choreographic process. After nearly a year of online collaboration through sharing movement videos, writing, images, and audio recordings, the performers came together for just four days of in-person rehearsal to synthesize the online content into a quartet to be performed live. The shared experience of navigating a digital rehearsal space and building relationships with collaborators through the internet deeply influenced this work. The resultant choreography exhibits themes of memory, replication, and childhood nostalgia interwoven through a pragmatic, athletic, and sometimes violent movement landscape. Please join us for an afternoon of performance, process insight, and discussion.

About the Artists

Choreographed collaboratively by Kathryn Butler

Performed by: Alynn Parola, Emery Lawrence, Kathryn Butler, Katie Monteleone,

Music by: jason palamara

Additional collaboration and influence from: Essi Koivula,
Margherita Carlotti, Nicolo Filippazzo, Thomas Webel, Xenia Mansour,

Dec 2, 2018

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018