Dance @ The Tank

The Tank supports emerging choreographers, dancers, improvisers, and cross-disciplinary performers whose work celebrates or challenges the current field of contemporary dance and movement. We present premieres of full-length works, tours, and more.

Past dancers and choreographers who have performed at The Tank over the years include:

Project Limb | Hattie Mae Williams | AUNTS | Kyle Abraham | Tiffany Rea Fischer | Erick Montes | Danielle Russo | Peter Chamberlain | MariaColacoDance | and hundreds more!

Our current signature dance program is XYZ, NYC, Three to four choreographers are chosen randomly each month, and the remaining dancers make up their teams. Every month has a different theme that must be be woven into the nascent dances. The public performance one week later is a competition between the pieces. After each dance, a prominent guest judge provides feedback with the goal of expanding the audience's vocabulary for talking about what they just saw, and the audience ultimately picks the winner. All dancers who apply to participate are welcomed on stage, promoting an unparalleled level of accessibility to performing and viewing dance. For more information about the show or how to apply to perform or choreograph, visit the XYZ NYC Tumblr. Curated by Jill Rousseau.

Current dance curators are: Jill Rousseau and Olney Edmondson.

Do a show here! As with all of our programming, we operate with an ongoing open submissions process. Click HERE for application instructions!

151 West 46th Street / 8th Fl. / New York, NY 10036