The Amory: The Campaign

About the Show

The Campaign is a love letter to all things fantasy, adventure and nerd-dom. Armed with only a 20 sided die, the “players” use a blend of theater and improv to fight dragons, traverse dungeons and save the realm from all forms of evil. Inspiration is drawn from traditional tabletop roleplaying games, video games and movies that helped make the fantasy genre what it is today.

​The show takes the audience through one whole adventure each performance, from the heroes choosing their quest to the final showdown with whatever lurks in the darkness. First time audience members will be treated to a complete narrative, while repeat viewers can follow an overarching storyline.

There will be dungeons. There will be dragons. There will be mountains.

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The Cast

Kaitlin Noble's

Kaitlin Noble
Martin Cahill
Emily Floyd
Christopher Gravenstine
Josh Hurley
Brian Jauch
Kelsey Kurz
Giancarlo Osaben
Anne Richmond
Matthew K. Sears
Dana Shulman

Presented at the Tank by Kaitlin Noble, Christopher Michaels, and Jeremy Terry. For more information, visit

312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018